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Phone: (202) 495-1090

Immigration psychological evaluations for asylum-seekers

to help immigrant families stay together.

Experienced, caring, and empathetic to the needs of immigrant families, we know how important it is to provide a safe, caring, private, and confidential environment for our clients and the trauma they’ve faced.

We know a quality psychological evaluation can change the outcome of your case, and that’s something we don’t take lightly.

Whether you’re an immigrant seeking asylum, or you’re an immigration attorney, our detailed, thorough reports are delivered in a timely manner so you can continue with your case with as little stress or wasted time as possible.

Who we work with

immigrant clients

Immigration Clients

While immigration evaluations are not therapy, you may find that the process of completing a psychological evaluation allows you to process what you have been through and help you feel empowered and like you can begin the process of healing. 

immigration psychological therapist working with immigration lawyer

Immigration Attorneys

You need a bilingual mental health clinician who knows what USCIS is looking for and can provide a thorough evaluation that looks into your client’s whole immigration story. Factors such as native country conditions, their relationships, health, and medical conditions, and more while translating clinical terms into accessible conclusions judges are looking for.

immigration psychological therapist training fellow immigration therapist

Therapists who want to do evals

If you care about immigrants, and you’re ready to leverage your expertise to learn how to conduct hardship waiver or asylum evaluations to help immigrant families stay together and safe from the countries they escaped from, I’ve got special trainings just for you. 

About Alta Vista Therapy

I’m a bilingual LCSW with 20 years of experience in the field. I’ve worked with adults, families, children in a variety of in-patient and out-patient settings, as well as with the LGBT+ community, and ethnic minority communities from around the world. I’ve completed over 400 immigration psychological evaluations for clients from all over the world, worked with dozens of immigration attorneys, and specialize in/work exclusively with immigrants. As an immigrant myself, I know the unique perspective that these clients are experiencing. Working with immigrants are my passion, and they add to the fabric of our country. 

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