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immigrant families stay together

With over 20 years of clinical experience working solely with immigrants, we know that quality Immigration psychological evaluations can change the outcome of your case.


Our carefully detailed reporting addresses the biggest, most important questions about your case, and can be the difference you need to sway a judge into a ruling in your favor.


Whether you’ve experienced trauma, are scared, overwhelmed, and are seeking asylum in the U.S., or if you’re an attorney that specializes in asylum cases, you need your detailed report fast, from someone you can trust, and at affordable rates so you can move forward with your case with as little anxiety and stress as possible

Who we work with

immigrant clients

Immigration Clients

While immigration evaluations are not therapy, you may find that the process of completing a psychological evaluation allows you to process what you have been through and help you feel empowered and like you can begin the process of healing. 

immigration psychological therapist working with immigration lawyer

Immigration Attorneys

You need a bilingual mental health clinician who knows what USCIS is looking for and can provide a thorough evaluation that looks into your client’s whole immigration story. Factors such as native country conditions, their relationships, health, and medical conditions, and more while translating clinical terms into accessible conclusions judges are looking for.

immigration psychological therapist training fellow immigration therapist

Therapists who want to do evals

If you care about immigrants, and you’re ready to leverage your expertise to learn how to conduct hardship waiver or asylum evaluations to help immigrant families stay together and safe from the countries they escaped from, I’ve got special trainings just for you. 

Hi, I’m Cecilia Racine, MSW.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I have 20 years of clinical experience, and I have always worked with immigrants, so I'm familiar with their strengths and struggles. As a bilingual immigrant myself, I know what it feels like to be in a new country where you don’t speak the language, and things are unfamiliar. I know what it’s like to have your heart in two places at once.

Alta Vista Therapy was founded in 2016, and since then, I've completed over 400 immigration evaluations for clients from all over the world and worked with dozens of attorneys. We strive to provide services in a compassionate and empathetic environment, always assuring you the highest confidentiality level.

Cecilia is licensed to practice in Florida, Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Meet our team


Letitia Blanco-Alcalá, MSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Maryland (LCSW-C 27859)
  • Virginia (LCSW 0904006026)
  • Washington, DC (LICSW LC200001499)

Letitia Blanco-Alcalá has more than 15 years of clinical psychotherapy experience. She has found her passion with at-risk and underserved populations to include: ethnic, religious, and sexual minorities. Additionally, she has more than 20 years of experience providing clinical psychosocial assessments.

She provides a neutral, safe space for adolescents, young and older adults and can communicate fluently in English and Spanish. Letitia is licensed to practice in Virginia since 2005.


Sara Kerai, MA

Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Maryland (LCPC LC10855)
  • Michigan (LPC 6401019434)
  • Virginia (LPC 0701009098)
  • Washington, DC (LPC PRC13868)

Sara is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 15+ years of experience working with diverse clients in Washington, D.C. Sara has extensive experience counseling adults coping with a significant loss, family caregiving, or a diagnosis of cancer and/or another chronic illness. Using her clinical assessment skills and understanding of trauma to help clients and families with immigration cases is an especially rewarding part of her practice. She is a graduate of Boston College and she is licensed to practice in Washington D.C., Michigan, Maryland, and Virginia.


Claudia Osorio, PsyD

Licensed psychologist

  • Massachusetts (10884)
  • Florida (PY11340)
  • Connecticut (4409)

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)

  • Florida (MH11381)
  • New York (004890)

Dr. Osorio earned a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology. She completed her predoctoral internship with the Federal Bureau of Prisons (Federal Medical Center, Devens) and her postdoctoral training with the Department of Corrections (Massachusetts Treatment Center). Dr. Osorio has extensive experience completing psychological evaluations and forensic-related assessments. She has worked in the community and the federal and state prison systems evaluating and treating individuals who have sexually offended. Dr. Osorio is bilingual (English/Spanish).


Elizabeth Piren, MA

Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Maryland (LCPC LC11052)
  • New Jersey (PC 37PC00442200)
  • Virginia (LPC 0701009172)
  • Washington, DC (LPC PRC14300)

A professional counselor, licensed in Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey, Elizabeth is bilingual (English/Spanish) and has been practicing for over 15 years, specializing in trauma-focused therapy with adults and adolescents. Elizabeth has worked in private practice and also as a counselor at various agencies that serve survivors of intimate partner violence and victims of crime. She creates a warm and comfortable space for her clients, putting them at ease.

Erwin J. Reyna, MSW

Erwin J. Reyna, MSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • California (LCSW 74684)
  • Virginia (LCSW 0904009976)
  • Washington, DC (LICSW LC50081340)

Erwin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 10 years of experience working with diverse communities in New York City, Virginia, and Washington D.C. He served 12 years in the United States Marine Corps and continues to serve his community by providing mentorship and guidance through complex systems to individuals and families going through crisis.

Focus: Impacting change through a Collaborative, Instructional, and Therapeutic Approach that centers around client needs. Erwin works with Individuals (Children 5-17, Teens, Young Adults, Adults 30+) and Couples. He uses therapeutic sessions combined with a balance of talk therapy, lifestyle management, movement, and yoga therapy, to bring awareness to mind-body connection. Erwin is bilingual (English/Spanish).


Marisol Sanchez, MSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • California (LCSW 74684)
  • Virginia (LCSW 0904009976)
  • Washington, DC (LICSW LC50081340)

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Marisol has been in the mental health field for more than 10 years and has experience providing an array of mental health services. As a bilingual therapist (English/Spanish), she enjoys completing immigration evaluations and serving a diverse community through social advocacy. She looks forward to working with you to provide you with thorough evaluations. She is licensed to practice in Washington D.C., Virginia, and California.

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